Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

For Fathers Day, Mckenzie and I went to the park and took pictures of us, and then put them in a big frame for Daddy. He really liked it. We also had a big barbeque complete with Great American Cookie cake, which was heavenly! We are still waiting to hear back on jobs. I got another interview this week to teach tech theatre and run the brand new auditorium at the new high school in town, and I find out tommorow if I got it. So I will hopefully be either a theatre teacher or an art teacher. If you would like to see the pictures we took you have to go to the link on facebook because it would take too long on blogger to add them all:

Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kenzie and Diploma

So my diploma finally came in the mail, isn't it pretty? It's signed by Thomas S. Monson which is pretty cool. Also, Kenzie got her outfit from her Grandma that looks so adorable on her. She kept doing silly poses for the camera.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sea World, Jobs, and Misc..

We got a wonderful treat of season passes to Sea World this weekend so we went with Paul's sisters for the day and it was way fun! This was Mckenzie's first theme park experience and she just loved it! Shamu was by far her favorite animal, we sat just feet away from the tank (in the splash zone, but somehow we were spared!) and she thought he was so cool! Then we went on the big Atlantis ride. I was a bit worried that she would scream, she just barely met the height requirement but I showed her the boat going down the big waterfall and asked "Do you want to do that?" and she responds "YEAH!" She loved it and asked for more afterwards. She did well on the Rio Loco too until the waterfall soaked her to the bone, so then we decided to stick to the shows so we could dry off.
Some of you may have heard that I had an interview at a middle school last week for an art teacher position. I am still waiting for the results. They liked me a lot so I am pretty hopeful, and the lady told me yesturday that they are just checking my references so once that is done I will know if I got it or not. Paul is still waiting to find out where his assigned prison will be. We called them too and they said they are still waiting for backgroud checks and such. So all this waiting is killing us but we are patient and doing good. Everyone keep us in your prayers so we get hired soon!

Kenzie watching the sea lion mystery show.

The silly sea lions.



Kenzie and a penguin

Trying to dry out!