Saturday, May 22, 2010

Faculty Fine Art and McKenzie's Birthday

We had a pretty good 5th birthday. On her birthday-eve we went black light mini golfing which was lots of fun, and then on her actual birthday we made froggy cupcakes to take to her class and had spaghetti for dinner and an entire cake to ourselves since Paul was working, but it was quite nice! My little girl is growing up so fast!

A lovely Princess and the Frog Cake

Not the neatest cupcakes but I tried!

Ok, this project was just a hoot! I got this idea for me and my high school kids to re-create famous fine art pieces but replace the heads with pictures of different faculty members!! They have created quite a stir and the Dean of Students started out Friday Teacher meeting by saying "So, Mrs. FitzSimon is getting fired..." (She was kidding, I brought my super-intendent to tears with laughter though once he saw these!)
I highly recommend this at schools, workplaces, etc for instance happiness and laughter

The Scream

Madonna and Child

Old Guitarist

Mona Lisa

American Gothic

The Thinker

Girl with the Pearl Earring

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday McKenzie!!!

My baby girl is 5 today! I must say I cried just a little bit! She has grown up so fast and I have loved every minute of it! She is such a little ray of sunshine and we love her so much! We celebrated last night by going black light minature golfing and eating pizza. Today it's just me and Kenzie at home (Paul is at work) and we got her several toy sets from the Disney store, Disney clothes and shoes, 2 pillow pals, and a How to train your dragon board game. We are also going to have cake and watch Emperor's New Groove (Curtesy of my friend Andrea!) It's been a good day and next week we get out for Summer break, woot woot!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have the greatest mom in the world and she has done so much for me! I was very fortunate growing up to have her at home all the time so she could take care of me whenever I needed her. I remember her taking a job when I started Kindergarten as a lunch lady so she could keep an eye on me during my first year of school. I remember her braiding my hair every Saturday night so it would be curly for church in the mornings, something I now do for my daughter. She drove me every morning to swimming lessons when I was 8 years old. She made my birthday cake every year and put a toy on the top. She sewed me princess dresses and capes to feed my fantasy obsession. She picked me up from countless play rehearsals and went to all my shows. She took me shopping all the time and I loved going to the nursery with her to get flowers for the yard. She surprised me for my senior prom by buying me the most gorgeous dress and then taking me to get my hair professionally done. She cried on the night I went to my senior grad night because I was growing up too fast, and she is always there to give me advice and help me whenever I need it.
I love my mom so much and if I can end up being half the woman she is I will have done a good job with my life. Happy Mother's Day mom, I love and miss you!!!