Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Texas!

Wow it's been a loooonnnggg time since I blogged! I honestly update my Facebook page more, so if you don't have me on yours go ahead and add me! Or get a Facebook page! Ok so what's new with us? Not too much. Loving school, my kids are great. I was evaluated by my superintendent which was highly intimidating but I got a great report and they want me back for next year so all is right in the world! I'm also almost done with all my course work for my teacher certification and by Fall I will be officially certified! YAY! The big news today though was that it snowed and we got dismissed early from school cause the roads were getting too bad! That was apparently a huge deal because A: This is Texas, it never snows! and B: Mumford school district usually NEVER closes! And as icing on the cake, we don't have to go to school tomorrow until 10 am to allow all the ice to melt! Can we say WOOT WOOT for sleeping in?! Ok yes, it's sad that this is the most exciting thing going on, but hey we are happy :) I also did some comission work for a fellow teacher that was really fun and I am thinking of marketing. Pictures below, tell me what you think! Also have pictures of some of my work that I did along with the kids doing projects.

My students enjoying the snow. They got to go play for a few minutes!
The snow man one of the kids made on Mr. Bienski's car. He's the superintendent, I hope he thought it was fun.

Making said snowman.

View out my class window.

My "handscape" project.

My Alice in Wonderland picture.

My Watercolor silouette

The comissioned piece. It was for a baby boy's room and his name is EVAN.

If you want to know what my kids are up to, check out our class website at http://mumfordart.weebly.com