Sunday, November 29, 2009

Renaissance Festival, School Moments, and Random

Ok, are you ready for ten billion pictures? Well tough, there isn't that many but there are a lot! Sorry it's been awhile, I remain insanely busy with school and trying to get stuff done for this huge Christmas program which is next week. It will be Mckenzie's first stage debut so everyone is invited to come see her. My class and I did the majority of sets, decorations, and props for it and I will be running the backstage crew as well. Needless to say that the stress level is very high! But we did get a nice break from things this wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We hosted dinner at our house and had a ton of food. (Pictures to come of that and our Christmas decorations) It's so nice to have a house to put lights on and decorate with a fireplace. We have our tree up and decorated, it is huge. I'm pretty sure it was the fattest one on the lot! We did just a tiny bit of black Friday shopping and rolled out of bed at a lovely 8am just to get a few good bargains. Then on Saturday we went to the Texas Renaissance festival which is totally awesome and I'm pretty sure I could live there. It was sad that we didn't dress up though because I had trouble ordering my dress online and ending up just not getting it, but next year we are going all out and bringing lots of money because I could have bought the place out! Mckenzie loved it too, she was amazed with so many princesses and fairies walking around. Paul went pretty crazy with all the armor and weapon shops too. I highly recommend going to one of these if you have never been!

This is my little celtic necklace I got.
My handcarved wooden jewelry box

Mckenzie and her pewter fairy which she just loves.

Paul got a coat of arms of our family from Ireland with the whole history and meaning of our name which is super cool.

This was a cool tree man walking around.

A cute matching couple.

Mckenzie and a mermaid statue.

A guy in the woods playing a harp.

A big fairy lady.

Paul and Mckenzie watching the "stupid jugglers" who reminded us of my brother Andrew. I could see him doing this.

A cool elf man.

Paul and Mckenzie riding an elephant. This was the highlight of Kenzie's day.

This was my favorite store, but the tapestries were so expensive.

Riding the carousel.

Mckenzie watching the birds and eating a pretzel.

The joust.

Relaxing at the joust.

My little elves hard at work making Christmas decorations.

Antique suitcases I'm making for the show.

Boxes of decorations and ornaments.

My room, such a mess.

My 3rd graders and the Turkeys we made of Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and new house

Yes, I know, it's been weeks since I last updated this thing...well it turns out that when you have a full time job that often requires lots of outside time to prepare, you don't have time to update blogs! But I do feel bad so I will try and do it more often! The other problem was, however, that my camera is broken and my laptop with a card reader needs a new power cord, so in order to post pictures I have to borrow a camera and a card reader so things can get a little tricky! We will hopefully be fixing all these things this month though. Anywho, what's new with us you may ask? Not much, life is good, school is good, we are having lots of fun.
I had to paint faces at my school's Halloween festival two days in a row, so for the first one we all dressed up like renaissance people. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of this but we should take some this month since we got free tickets to the Texas Ren Faire (the biggest one in the country, can we say awesome?!) and we are all dressing up of course.
So for the second day of the festival I was on my own since Kenzie wasn't allowed to go to that one (It was for the bigger kids) so I decided to dress up as a Jedi. The kids thought it was really cool, especially when I charged into the festival and started slaying Juniors and High School teachers! It was a blast.
Then during trick or treating on Saturday we had our car battery die so our candy gathering was cut short since we got our car jumped and figured we better go home. I was going to continue trick-or- treating in our neighborhood but Kenzie had crashed in the car and was snoring loudly, so we decided to call it a night. And it was a good thing we came home because the car didn't start up again once we got it there. So Sunday was spent getting a new car battery instead of church, which stunk but we would have been very early to church since I had forgotten about daylight savings time! Here are some pictures of Halloween and our house.

Our backyard
Our back deck

Kenzie's room , it's messy and usually has a cute rug but it's being washed.

Kitchen cupboards

Kitchen and dining room in back, yes it's messy too!

Entertainment center

Front Door

Living Room


Dining room (It still has boxes)

Front yard


Mommy Jedi

Fairy Princess Kenzie

Mckenzie beating up cousins

Sorting through the loot