Monday, June 28, 2010

The Whole Enchilada

Here is a link to almost all of the pictures from Andrew and Alexis's wedding as well as some from our trip to Oregon. More to come later, stay tuned!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Wedding

More wedding pics. Make sure you scroll down the page and get both posts. More to come!

Ring Ceremony
Greek Dancing (See McKenzie?)

Kenzie showing off the flower girl basket that Andrew made for her.


She danced with Andrew a lot. Do you see how red she is??

Taylor and McKenzie dancing

Cutting the cake.

At the Temple

Andrew's Wedding

Ok, this is the first of many Oregon pictures from our trip and my brother Andrew's wedding. These are just a few wedding pictures from my camera phone. I have to get everyone's memory cards from their cameras to get the good stuff including Temple pictures. These are all just the reception, ring ceremony, and rehearsal dinner. It was quite the event and lots of fun.

This is the dance tent and my insane daughter who danced for 2 hours straight with every person there. She was beat red, dripping with sweat, and even break danced in her dress!!
April and Taylor ( My sister and her son)


Kenzie enjoying her lamb at the reception dinner

My lovely Greek food, mmmmmm!

Ring ceremony

She was super grouchy!

Rehearsal Dinner at a beautiful place in the woods.
Jessica (My sister) Andrew(My Brother) Alexis(Andrew's Wife)

Table decorations for rehearsal dinner (designed by my sister, April)

The massive amounts of my dad's amazing food!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

I wanted to do a tribute to my Dad and my sweet husband who is a great dad to my beautiful little girl.

I have the coolest dad in the world. Besides him being a famous marine biologist, he is just an all around great guy. I always loved going to his lab when I was growing up so I could hold sea urchins and play with all the stuff in his office. I remember looking out his window with binoculars and searching for manatees in the water. I would take my little sister to his work after school so we could look for aligators. I would draw pictures of him on the marker board outside his office so his post docs would think its funny.

My dad has a lot of talents besides his work too. He is an amazing cook and makes us fine cuisine from around the world. He also knows everything about everything. Really he does, he knows more useless trivia than anyone I know!( It use to be an ongoing joke that I thought he would simply make up the scientific name for everything known to man, but he really does know them all!) He is also a skilled dancer and craftsman, he can fix anything. I can also count on one hand the times that I have actually seen him yell at a person. The man is such a good talker and calm natured person that he has no need to raise his voice.

My fondest memories of my dad include him coming home from work and stealing the brownies from the kitchen that I had made for everyone. Him dancing in the kitchen with my mom while I played showtunes on the piano while he would sing too. My dad is awesome and few people in the world can be as amazing as him, I love you dad!!

He also makes an excellent Charles Darwin, does he not?

My husband is such a good daddy and McKenzie loves him so much.
He has always wanted to be a dad and it's adorable to see such a big guy be so careful with such a little girl. Whenever McKenzie is sick, she wants to go to him for comfort. She loves to be involved in anything he is doing, whether its playing a game or helping fix something. She has always cried if she is present when he leaves for work, she just can't take it. When Kenzie was a baby, she would wear a white onesie and take naps on his belly every Sunday afternoon.

Paul is very patient and good with her. Sometimes he is much better than me at teaching her little lessons and explaining things to her. ( I can have a short temper!) I will always remember him laying in bed with her and reading her stories, making forts in the living room, bringing home donuts every saturday morning, taking her out for pancakes when she gets good grades on her report card, letting her crawl into our bed when she is scared at night from thunder or a bad dream. I love you sweetie, you are a terrific daddy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Emails Please

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to make my blog private. I will leave it up for a week or two so you can let me know what all your emails are to make this safe and secure. Just leave me a comment on this post with your name and email and I will put you on the safe list so you can view my blog. I will not publish your email to the public since I have to monitor the comments anyway, they will just go to my hotmail. Thanks so much!