Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Finds and Fun Pictures

So I'm pretty tired, haven't had a day off in like two months so everyone gets to hear me complain a bit.....ok I'm done. I did however get to go out with Mckenzie this past weekend while Paul watched the front desk and we went yard sale hopping and to DI. We didn't have much luck with the yard sale but Mckenzie found some stuffed animals she liked and didn't need but got anyway. Now I finally understand why my dad complained about all my stuffed animals growing up! So you can check out our good finds down below.

This is a cool picture of the temple I took the other night
Found this neat pitcher at DI,$5, perfect for flowers
Found this at DI, these sell for $50 at the local craft store, got it for $4!
Found this at DI for $6, it's huge and Kenzie loves it!
I didn't find this, I always have this :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all!! So I did a tribute to moms on Mother's day so it is only fair that I do one for the dads today. First we have my dad, he is funny, really smart, cuddly, and an amazing cook. My fondest memories of him are going to used book stores, museums, stopping at scenic outlooks on the road and having him tell me the scientific name for everything ( And I would look at him and say "Dad, you gotta stop making up names for stuff! and he would laugh ) I also remember playing broadway tunes on the piano and him waltzing in the kitchen with my mom and singing them ("Old man river" and "Some enchanted evening"). One of my earliest memories is going to Harbor Branch and seeing him off on one of his cruises and as the ship was pulling away I said to him "It's ok you are going dad, because we are going to see "Thumbelina" and you can't come!". And he laughed as he pulled away. He is so fun, I love him.

Of course Paul wouldn't be a dad without Mckenzie so here is another cute picture of her with her oh so annoying Mickey Mouse ears that play songs.

And next we have John. Paul says some of his best memories of his dad are when they would have long talks after he got in trouble, and he made Paul sit down so he wouldn't have to yell up at him, he he. He is also known for never letting you get a good picture of him, so we were lucky to catch this one of him on the nightly news...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

They're creepy and they're kooky...

So yesturday Mckenzie and I went to the school to pick up my masks from Faust, and she carried one of them to the car with me. Driving home, I look back in my rear view mirror and see this little monster sitting there! She had put it on all by herself and she was just the cutest little devil I have ever seen! So she had us put them all on when we got home. (And for all of you thinking I'm a bad mother because my child is playing with devil masks, at least mine is only pretending, how many real children do you see who actually are ones?!)

The monster deep in thought
Mommy Beelzebub

He just doesn't look like the devil to me..

Monday, June 2, 2008

More Mckenzie

Mckenzie loves wearing pigtails because she thinks she looks like Shrek. She will come grab my hair and stick it up an say " Look, its Shrek!"

Where is she?!
Do you see her?
There she is!

Mckenzie Mania!

The good thing about birthdays is that they linger on when you get packages in the mail! Mckenzie got a package from her great Grandma Perez ( which I don't have pictures because Paul let her open it while I was in class!) and she got one from Grandma Robyn. And guess what it was? A FAIRY!!! She went crazy, we have been flying it around the house all week! I have a video of her playing with it that I will post later.