Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok I forgot to tag some people...... I tag Karrianne, Julie, and.......Alie!

Things that Make me Happy

Ok so I didn't know if Courtney's Blog was tagging me or another Stephanie, but it sounded fun anyway so here goes, these are some things that make me happy.....

Faerie books
Orange and Mint Milanos
Harry Potter
Sappy movies
Dark Chocolate
Flowered Porcelain
Red Toile
Tea sets
Bubble Baths
John Waterhouse Art
The smell of rain
Scented Candles
Italian Food
New Shoes
Trying new recipes
Baby hugs
Singing in my car
Fable on XBOX
Reading Twilight
Shopping with Kenzie
Italian Sodas
Soft Blankets
Throw Pillows
Mexican Food
Flowers from Paul
Talking with Drama People
Finding money in my pocket
Stuffed Animals
People Magazine
Broadway Books
Discovering new talents
Propel water
Sand between my toes
Riding a bike
Tapestry Fabric
Doll houses
Herbal tea
Making others happy
Accomplishing something hard
Family walks
Not having a spained ankle
New clothes
Days off
Old TV Shows
Disney everything
Cooking Shows
Reality TV
Light Saber Fights
Blowing Bubbles

Ok I could go on forever, but you are probably getting tired of this!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Just to let everyone know, I have a pretty bad injury that occurred yesturday at church. Going from our primary classroom to sharing time my heel twisted out from under me and I fell face forward. I had an x-ray today and I have sprained it bad in two places. I can't go to classes and I have to ice it and stay off of it for a few days and then use my stinking crutches till I can walk well on it. I so extremly angry! And of course staying off of it isn't much of an option since I work at a hotel for 96+ hours a week and I have a tyranical boss who doesn't care that I have a sprained ankle, we just better get the work done. Anyone know of any job openings? Sorry about my rant, it's been a bad couple of days....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dress up!

Well I finally got Mckenzie to try on one of her other costumes. This is the Elizabeth Swan costume from Pirates. It was very big on her but its really pretty! The other ones are Kenzie in her new Easter Dress from Grandma, I couldn't get her to smile pretty though! And the last is Kenzie in Daddy's chair eating a snack. I think she sits in it more than Paul!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Hope you've all got your corned beek and cabbage cooking! We have made it tradition since we got married to cook corned beef with cabbage and potatoes. And we wear green of course! This year I have also added my Celtic Necklace to my green attire. Hope you all have a fine day and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stephie Things and Kenzie Musings

Ok so you are all probably getting sick of my artwork and projects but I really like them so here is the final goat mask. We performed "the little old lady that swallowed a fly" for the elementary school and it was really fun. Then we have roses of mine, Paul has been on a roses kick which is so sweet but I told him he can get me other flowers too! Then there are a few pictures of Kenzie reading the newspaper and lounging in Daddy's chair.

Grandma Visit

Well we got to have a fun visit from Grandma (Paul's Mom) this week. Mckenzie was so excited and we had a really fun time hanging out with Grandma. She stayed in the hotel room that ajoins our apartment upstairs and Kenzie would run upstairs saying "Grandma, oh Grandma" when she was up there, it was pretty cute! Of course Kenzie got spoiled with fun clothes and she also got three Disney costumes: Tinkerbell, Elizabeth Swan from Pirates, and Buzz Lightyear. Well try as I may to get her to wear the pretty, girly ones, she only wanted to wear Buzz Lightyear. I think that is the one she was most familiar with though, she loves Toy Story. We went to Olive garden for dinner too and thought it was so funny because Mckenzie insisted on using a fork and knife to eat her breadsticks, she is just so proper!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Family Pictures

Everyone has been bugging us forever to get nice family pictures done so we finally broke down and just did it. Mckenzie does not like holding still, but we managed to get some good ones! We got them done on campus by a new photography company for a great price!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Stuff

I haven't posted in a while, it's just been Paul putting up pictures so I thought I would do a few today. First one is Mckenzie in Daddy's chair, she quite likes it and she snuggles in it all the time. The next two pictures are of my little goblin guy I made out of polymer clay. I'm wanting to do a whole line of little fantasy creatures and he is the prototype. He isn't perfect, has several flaws and needs to be alot smoother, but I don't think he is bad for a first attempt. Next I'm going to do some fairies and maybe a dragon. It is way fun! Next picture is Kenzie looking at the snow and the last one is way cute, she was watching a movie on the computer and fell asleep sitting up!