Friday, April 24, 2009


Here is a quick update for you: Job hunts going well, Paul has applied to several law enforcement places but now it's a waiting game while they do the hiring process. Whoever gets it done first will get him, so we will see what happens. I may be getting a long term substitute teaching job for the rest of the school year which will get my foot in the door in the school district and then hopefully give me a perk for an art teacher position at the middle school which will start in Fall. I'm hoping I get it or a theatre teaching job at the other middle school, so I can spend the summer finishing up my certification. Everyone keep your fingers crossed! Mckenzie is just fine, was sick for a few days but seems to be doing better. She loves it here and plays with grandma's puppy all the time.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Graduation 2

Well I had my second graduation ceremony yesturday morning, and Elder Anderson came to speak. (He was really good) The whole thing was a little weird though, more like Sacarament meeting than a graduation, and we weren't even allowed to throw our hats so it was a bit strange, but its all over so YAY! Then we all changed and hopped in the car to go drive to Jackson hole, which was also not all its cracked up to be but the drive was really pretty and fun. We had lots of fun with my dad and were really sad to see him go. Mckenzie stuck to him like glue, held his hand all the time and if she lost sight of him would yell "Where's my Grandpa?!" So we had a really fun couple of days.

Elder Anderson

President Clark

Me at my first graduation.

Mckenzie in the lobby.

The commencement. I'm on the opposite side sitting on the bleachers. It was like playing "Where's Waldo" in there, I finally spotted my dad about halfway through the thing but he never found me.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


One down, one to go! My college graduation was tonight for the performing arts. It was fun. My day today was so bad though. I put curlers in my hair last night thinking it would turn out cute, it was a huge mistake and made me look like a poodle this morning. So I had to wash them out really good this morning. Little did I know my hair would look bad all day due to static and rain. Then I looked online and saw that my Math final didn't have a grade, so I called the testing center only to discover the dumb student workers gave me the wrong bubble sheet with my test, so I had to go down and fix that.(I thought I should have gotten extra tests points for their mistake, but of course that can't happen!) But the finals all went well and my dad is here hanging out with us so we just have the big commencement ceremony tommorow. More pictures to come once I get them from my dad.
I am on the last row, 2nd to the left, and was the shortest one on stage, highly embarassing!
Me in all my cap and gown glory.

Mckenzie's hair was a success with the curlers, we will just stick to using them on her hair.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey now, you're an Allstar!

Mckenzie has been playing on the computer all the time and she has learned, all on her own, how to open my play list and find the "Allstar" song from "Shrek" and listen to it over and over again while singing. I thought it was too cute so here it is in two videos for your enjoyment.