Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Activities

Merry Christmas!!!

Yep, it's been awhile, so here are a lot of pictures again! I had my school Christmas program, it went over extremely well and a lot of parents said it was the best one yet. Our props and decorations looked awesome! Mckenzie is also destined to be a star. The theme for the show was "Christmas through the decades" and her class did the 1980s. She was a hula dancer and she also got to headbang and play air guitar. She outshined everyone and stole the show, it was hilarious! I am enjoying my 2 week break immensely but it has occurred to me that I do not know how to relax, I always have to be doing something! So my house is going to get really clean I guess, which isn't exactly a bad thing. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!

Mckenzie decorating cookies

She liked to use the sprinkles a lot.

Such concentration!

We went to a Christmas party in houston with her cousins and Santa made an appearance.

Cousin present exchange, she was very excited.

This is the juke box I painted for one of the class props for our Christmas program. It was my favorite piece so I had to post this..

A hippie van my students painted.

The Christmas tree with my students' handmade ornaments.

The lobby decorated with our 7 decade santas. I drew them and my students helped me paint them, they turned out so good.

Yes they are a little out of proportion, but we got away with it them being cartoons and also it being so hard to draw a person that big!

This is the gingerbread house that Kenzie and I made. She did almost all the decorating herself, not bad for a 4 year old!

Christmas lights on our house.

My little 80s hula girl!

She was too cute. I worked the backstage left and during her performance she saw me back there and kept pointing to her face saying "Mommy, they painted my eyes!" I kept telling her to look forward and she finally did, it was so funny.

Our house all decorated.