Thursday, July 30, 2009

Want to see my new classroom?!?!

I got to go see my classroom today. It's beautiful! I have my own desk with a dell computer, counters, sink cuboards, a closet, tv with vcr and dvd player, dry erase board! I also got to go around the school and find a whole bunch of brand new art textbooks to use (I get to spend the next few days going through about 6 teacher manuals to figure out which ones I want to use!) and some art supplies too. We also found a whole bunch of nice art prints which I hung up around the room in cronological order. Kenzie also got to see her classroom, it's quite cute and she is so excited to go to school with mommy.
We had a bit of an adventure after we left my school too. On the drive home we saw smoke from a huge fire and it was really orange smoke, so we guessed it was some kind of chemical fire. They were closing off the highways, but we didn't think too much of it. Well we went to the swim park and while we were there I heard on the radio that they were evacuating Bryan, because it was a chemical warehouse that was burning up, and we were in the evacuation zone. So we went home but decided to just stay inside. Hundreds of people left and all businesses, even the great Walmart, closed but turns out it was kind of blown out of proportion and the evacuation was uncalled for. So it was a pretty eventful day.

This is just a funny picture of Mckenzie last night, she did her own hair, can't you tell?
These little tables and chairs are being taken out and replaced with large, high school sized ones.

Oh yeah, check out all it's majesty!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ZOO, Damn Yankees, and Misc.

We have been having lots of fun here in Texas. I start new teacher training on August 13th and I won't know how many classes I have or anything till at least August 7th, so I am just having a lot of down time right now. Paul got a new calling, he is assistant ward mission leader so he has been keeping busy with that. Mckenzie is having lots of fun with the puppies and playing the Wii and computer a lot. We got to go to the ZOO on Monday which was a lot of fun. And I have been painting the set for the local community theatre's production of Damn Yankees. They like it a lot and said I could design and paint any set I want next season. Only problem is it's all voluntary and once school starts I probably won't have the time, but next summer when I am off work I may do "Into the woods" since I painted it at BYU-I before and I'm thinking I may audition for the part of Little Red Riding Hood (It's one of those parts I want to play before I die!) Paul has had several job intervies that look promising. The one we really want is one he has this coming Monday for a SAC paraprofessional at a local middle school. It would be perfect because we would all have the same work schedule so we would all be together in the evenings, weekends, and summers. So everyone keep your fingers crossed!

This is the back wall I designed and painted for Damn Yankees.
This is a really cool tunnel they had at the zoo where you could crawl through the fish tank. Mckenzie loved it and went like 10 times!

Mckenzie finding her "Inner Floridian" and watching the albino aligator.

A tortoise.

Kenzie the prairie dog.

Brushing a goat. (Much better than feeding them, eh Jessica? ;)

Daddy pushing Kenzie, it was way hot and then we had a lovely storm, but then it was extra hot and muggy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm a Teacher!

FINALLY!!! After being interviewed for 5 different jobs and getting denied for 3 of them, I got hired for the PERFECT job! I will be teaching at a small school district about 20 minutes away, teaching high school art AND drama. They gave me drama classes after finding out that I will be certified for both! I have always wanted to teach both of them! Also, the whole district is on one campus and they have preschool so I get to bring Mckenzie with me and if I stay at this district, I can go to school with her and bring her home every day through 12th grade! (I hope she will realize she can't get away with anything with mom on campus!) Also, Paul has an interview on Monday with a computer company, so if he gets this our luck has seriously changed! We also are finalizing our apartment contract, a pretty 3 bedroom overlooking the pool area in a gated complex by a stream and park with deer. It has crown molding, built in book shelves, our own washer and dryer in a laundry room, balcony; it's so cute! Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us and sending us good thoughts, I think it finally worked and we are so excited!

Some general Mckenzie cuteness

Last week Paul and his parents went down south for his grandma's burial, so Mckenzie and I stayed here with Paul's sister and we painted their guest bathroom and I painted hibiscus flowers on the cabinets. I think they turned out pretty nice. I also just painted the set for "Damn Yankees" at the community theatre, those pictures to come soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthdays, Job Update, Puppies, and more!

Happy Birthday to ME! I am 25 today, getting really old, I know. We had a good day and a good 4th of July. We started out on the 4th by going to the George Bush museum which was really cool and we got our picture taken at the replica of the oval office. (Pictures to come) Then we ate dinner and saw some not so good fireworks, but it was fun anyway. For my birthday we had smoked brisket, baked beans, watermelon, and keylime strawberry cake. Tommorow we are going birthday shopping which will be really fun.
We have also been having fun with two little puppies for a week now. Pauls mom and sister each got a shih tzu puppy from a friend of theirs. They are only 6 weeks old and spend their days playing in a pack n play, they are so sweet! The puppies came at a good time because Paul's Grandmother died this week so they are having a hard time, but doing alright and enjoying the puppies as a good stress reliever.
As for the jobs, the hunt is still on. I didn't get the middle school art job or theatre auditorium manger job, but both liked me a lot and are putting goods words in for me in the school district. I do however have an interview this week for an elementary school art teacher job and even though I never wanted to teach little kids, maybe its where I am suppose to be. Paul is still waiting to hear back on his, we keep calling them to bug them but they say they are still processing things. But we are having a good time with family and are trying to be patient so we can do what we are suppose to do.

This is the boy, his name is Mutzerella or "Mutzy" for short (even though he is a pure bred!) He sleeps just like our dog Darwin did!

Mckenzie hugs them all the time, it's a good thing Shih Tzus are very tolerant puppies.

I love his little patch over his eye!

The brown one is his sister, her name is Elpheba or "Elphie" from the musical "Wicked"