Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Princesses come in all shapes, sizes, and countries!

It is no surprise to say that my daughter is a lot like me in the sense that she likes princesses and fairy tales and all things girly (Although much to my dismay I believe her favorite color is pink!). This week she discovered the remake that Disney did of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. We found it used at our video store and she has been watching it constantly. Well she really wanted to dress up like a princess so she could dance around her room during the ball scene. Two years ago she was a princess for Halloween, but of course that dress was too small. She tried on her Tinkerbell dress but found it to be too itchy. Finally I gave her the Elizabeth Swan Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean and told her that it was a Chinease princess dress, and she has been twirling around in it ever since! I think it will be the winner for Halloween this month because it is warm and comfy.

These are her watching the movie and dancing.

These are Kenzie and Ava playing, more little princesses!

Princess and the Pea: Everytime I make my bed, Mckenzie thinks that my pillows are some kind of maze for her to play in, so she climbs up and ruins my bed every day!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

More of my favorite things

So tonight as I am sitting in our living room watching NCIS (I have to watch them all with Paul because I made him watch all 4 seasons of desperate housewives!) I decided that I need something to do with my hands, so I am writing a super long post about some more of my favorite things in life.

First we have my favorite cookies, pepperidge farm brussels. I also love all kinds of milanos, veronas, and chessman.
Next we have a kitchen aid, I don't have one but I have always wanted one (anyone wants to get us one for Christmas, please feel free!)
Next we have my favorite book, no surprise, Twilight, and I also love Harry Potter, Strandia, Susan Lynn Reynolds books, Phillipa Gregory, The guinevere books, Mysts of Avonlon, and many more!

My favorite flowers are white roses...
Peach and purple lillies, tulips (look futher down page) and Astromerias
Favorite car is a hyundai Santa Fe, I once test drove one and fell in love, this is going to be my "Teacher" car when I start my job!
Favorite bags are printed totes. I love them, they are cheap and so versatile.
Favorite collectible are my willow tree statues. I have six of them and I think they are so pretty.

I love rocks and stones of all kinds, and my favorite is slate. When I have a house I'm going to have a bathroom like this. When I painted sets, slate was by far my favorite thing to paint too!
Favorite all around artist and creator is Brian Froud. He wrote all my faerie books, did all the creatures for the movies Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and many other Jim Henson shows, and he and his wife make amazing sculptures and dolls. He is incredible!
Alltime favorite painter is William waterhouse, who did all these incredible pictures of myth and legend throughout history. Here is his Mermaid...
And the "Lady of Shalott" based on the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (one of my favorites as well!)
Here are the tulips!

Favorite musicals are Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, Children of Eden, Phantom, Beauty and the beast, How to succeed in Business without really trying, Fiddler on the roof, Jane Eyre, Rent, Ragtime, Sunset Boulevard, and good grief there are just too many of these to list. ( Did you know that Shrek the musical comes out this December? I am too excited!)
Favorite movies are the 10th kingdom, Count of Monte Cristo, Braveheart, Stardust, Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice ( the new one, not that horrid 6 hour one!) Juno, Father of the bride, Harry Potter movies, Beauty and the beast, Music and Lyrics, and this list could go on forever too, lets just say I like a lot.

Favorite decorating thing: tapestries. I would drape the whole world in them but I think it might be a bit overwhelming...maybe just one really gorgeous one,they are so pretty!
Another favorite decorating thing is wrought iron scrollwork. Whether it is on furniture, railings, clocks, candlesticks...its gorgeous and elegant and I love it!

Thats everything, I have had a great day today cleaning house and baking my first loaf of bread in my bread machine that I have had for two months and never used! Mckenzie and I had fun yestuday too, we had to go on a little adventure walking all over campus trying to find a copy of the play " A raisin in the sun" that I have to read for script class. I finally got one from one of my professors who I good friend with, but Mckenzie was exhausted after walking uphill on the campus so I treated her to ice cream in the student union building and all the students walking by had to stop and tell me how cute she was and how great I am for going to school and being a mom, so that made me feel pretty good :) Hope everyone has a good weekend and thinks of all the things in life that make them happy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pretty hair, games, and tantrums

My daughter is too cute, she has so much character and is just so funny! She is also huge, over half my height right now, I can't imagine how tall she is going to be in a few years! So here are a few pictures showing her cuteness.

Here we have a tantrum that was pretty funny to me, I think it was because she couldn't have more chocolate milk.
They are the best when they sleep!
This is Mckenzie trying to get a marker that Paul was trying to hide down the back of his shirt, and she is determined to get it!
Lunch time with her tray on her bed.
Sharing lunch with daddy.
So pretty!
This is how long her hair is, it is so pretty but she cries every night after her bath because she hates to have her hair brushed, it is a fate worse than death!
More of the chocolate milk tantrum.

We have had a good week. I am enjoying my directing class immensely, its so much fun but a lot of work. I have also learned more about the "No child left behind" act in my art education class and have decided even more that it is completely messed up and the government is crazy. Our house is freezing because the weather got really cold and I can't find my jacket! And...that's about it, nothing overly exciting to report on. Oh! Almost forgot, this guy in the scroll campus newspaper wrote a really jerky article last week about how horrible Twilight is and how he doesn't like how his wife is so obsessed with it and other girly novels like Pride and Prejudice..well I wrote a response to it saying that Edward is twice the man he'll ever be and how wonderful the book is, and how instead of complaining about it he needs to step up and be a better husband so his wife can say that she would choose him over Edward any day! Well they published it so we will see how many feathers I ruffled criticizing this guy, but it was great, I mean how dare he insult two great literary works in one article!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute Things

I was just thinking of some cute things that are in my life and since I posted a rather angry entry yesturday, I thought I would share the cuteness:

I finally found some good plate holders (at the dollar store!) to put my plates up on my cabinets along with my other jars and pitchers, aren't they cute?!
Mckenzie gets to play with her friend Ava now three times a week while we watch her when her mom is in class. Kenzie thinks she is a little doll, they are to cute.
Mckenzie somehow fell asleep on the arm of the chair.
Is this not the cutest thing?
Finally we have this adorable tea cup planter that we got on clearance at Wal-mart, so we decided to put Mica the Fica in it, who has been sitting in just a simple ordinary wicker basket for months. He is so much happier to live in polka dots!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pet Peeves

Well I am done with my first week of school and it is going well. I have to read a million and one plays, direct two scenes and an entire one-act play, and write tons and tons of papers this semester but none of that bothers me in the least. There are several things that have come to my attention that drive me insane and I feel impressed to share them on my blog because I have the right to talk and whoever dares to listen will have to put up with it, so this is my list of pet peeves.

1. People who can't drive-honestly, why is everyone in such a hurry that they can't obey simple traffic laws and never look where they are going? Or am I just doing things wrong since I have never once even thought of not driving correctly?

2.People who can't walk-There are so many stinking college students who just walk out in the middle of the street and think that nothing can hit them, or that the world stops for them. Newsflash: If I hit you and you are not in a cross walk, it is not my fault and you will be the one that will pay for my car damages!

3.People who think they are God's gift to acting-I am in a couple of Theater classes with a lot of freshman and sophmores ( I deeply regret putting them off for so long) and I have never seen so many people trying to compete for attention in my life! I was put in a discussion group today to talk about theater genres and design aspects, but despite my many efforts to try and talk about the assigned material, the other three girls felt impressed to tell us all how many shows they have been in, how they were the best in high school, and how they hate going to performances because they think they are better than everyone in the cast. ( Funny, I have never seen them in any of the shows!) Good grief I hate actors sometimes, GET OVER YOURSELVES, NO ONE CARES. *The same can be said for art students, yes we know you are talented, lets practice some humility.

4.Doctors who give you expensive tests for no reason. Just don't ask.

That's all. I suppose it isn't too my complaints for a whole week. I think I am progressing....oh wait I thought of a 5th one

5. People who hide under the facade of not having any pet peeves. EVERYONE has them and those who pretend not to are so obnoxious!

There now, I'm done. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Around the world in 80...minutes?

Well we didn't go around the world, but we finally went exploring to some of the great sight-seeing places around Idaho and Wyoming since we have lived here for six years and never go anywhere! We woke up today and decided to pack lunch and hop in the car and go to jackson hole, a great tourist/rich person town where you can't afford to buy anything but it sure is cute!
These are the Elk horn archs in the park in Jackson hole-Kenzie and I mourned for them, but were also a little amazed at the sheer amount!

While gazing intently out the window, the scenery just wasn't interesting enough.
This gorgeous river was outside the whole way home, Paul kept getting mad because I was reading a book aloud and I kept stopping to gawk at the scenery.

This is the Teton Dam. It broke back in the 70s and flooded the whole area, it's huge and pretty scary to imagine when it flooded!
This is the path that the water took all the way to Rexburg there in the distance.
We enjoyed our geology lesson at the Dam.

We had to stop a couple of times to make sure we didn't go in the wrong direction, since everything looked like Oregon!
It was a really fun day, we got to see some great sites and had a fun trip. I was pleased to be able to scream the words "Dam" and "Hay" out the window at the corresponding sites ( I'm sure my dad can remember us doing this when we were kids!) I did forget to make hurling sounds through the mountain switchbacks ( sorry Jessica, I will remember next time!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Mckenzie has slept for three nights in her bed, ALL NIGHT LONG!! She just lays there and goes right to sleep, and is just such a good little girl! She loves being able to finally have her own space and a nice bed. She spends all day in there watching little mermaid movies all day! It's amazing how much better behaved little kids are when they have a space of their own.

Playing with toys

Eating a bagel