Friday, February 27, 2009

Economy Sucks, but here are some pictures..

So the job search goes on...we are hopeful but still waiting. Paul actually has an interview Monday so everyone cross your fingers! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I have been really busy painting 50 feet of muslin for my children's theatre show, but its looking really good! Hope you enjoy these pictures from the past few weeks.

Mom and Kenzie Exhausted and worn out
Dad and Kenzie exhausted and worn out (More us than her, she is just very sympathetic!)

Mckenzie watching cartoons looking so cute.


Kenzie decided she wanted to put all of her hair accesories in her hair, she spent hours doing this.

Mckenzie really likes to go on the porch with a blanket and sit in the rocking chairs, I only let her do it for about 5 minutes though because it is way too cold.

Mckenzie colors and draws all the time and she is really good, she can make little faces already...and she decided they all had to go on the fridge.

She drinks water all the time in her "Enchanted" cup.

She is too cute!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We are not very happy here. I have been sick since Monday and it keeps getting worse, feels like my throat is on fire! And Mckenzie caught it yesturday but is being a trooper and it won't stop her from playing. It really stinks that all my classes put so much emphasis on attendance because I have had to go to all of them this week feeling miserable, luckily I had no school today. The job search is still on and we are just so glad to live in the great state of Idaho, the 3rd worse state to find a job in during our lovely economic crisis. All the stores here have posted "No openings" outside their doors and the newspapers have nothing, but we are still trying. Luckily, we have applied for numerous jobs in other states and there are a couple law enforcement jobs that it looks like Paul could one has responded to me yet though, (Grumble, grumble). But on the up side for me, they doubled my salary for the children's theatre at school that I am making and designing masks for, designing and painting sets, and running lights and sound. Also my professor wants me to help him teach a mask making workshop with him next Saturday so I was pretty excited about that, it will be a good resume thing. We are just happy that I am graduating in April and we can leave here because Idaho has come to a complete dead end and it sucks here! Oh please let us move somewhere with lots of jobs and warm weather!