Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas and Random fun

Well we had an excellent Christmas break and I really sad to see it over so quickley. Mckenzie and I went to see Princess and the Frog which was amazing, and it is her new Disney obsession of course. We have also had a lot of fun baking. We made peanut butter cookies one day and Kenzie rolled the dough into little balls, then into sugar, and placed them on the cookie sheet all on her own! We really are not wanting to return to school next week but I guess we get to count down to summer now!

We got a deep fryer from my sister-in-law so we have been playing with it. We made funnel cakes last night and this is Kenzie trying some (She didn't like it!) Do you know how easy these are to make and how obsurd it is that people charge you $5 for these at fairs?

Unwrapping presents!

Me in all my Twilight nerdiness, right down to the Alice Cullen bracelet on my arm. It was a good Christmas! He, he!

Mckenzie has gotten into a habit of watching movies on my bed!

My little artist decided that an easel was needed, but since we don't have one she improvised one on the fridge. This is definately my child!