Monday, August 10, 2009

Our house and Paul's new job!

Backyard and deck

Ok, most importantly: PAUL HAS A NEW JOB!!! He got the one he wanted too! He is the new SAC instructor at a middle school here in town. The best part is that all three of us have the same schedules, we will all go to school then come home, have evenings and weekends together and summers off! Also, Paul is going back to school. He is going to slowly get his degree through the local colleges by doing night classes, online, and summer classes.

Ok, next good thing is we got an awesome house to rent. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath and the guy who owns it is giving us a great deal and letting us paint it and everything. We are moving in next month once Paul goes back to Rexburg to get our things out of storage. So we are all pretty ecstatic because everything fell into place! Mckenzie is so excited to go to school and I am so happy I get to keep an eye on her. My classroom is looking great and very "artsy". It turns out I won't be teaching Drama, just Art because so many students signed up for it. Paul and I start our training this week and then school starts in two weeks! Life is good!

Outside of the house. There are two big trees, a 2 car garage to the left of that door, and I'm going to put roses and a fountain under that window.

Mckenzie's room

Master bathroom, I love that floor!

Guest Bathroom

Entry way

Master Bedroom

Living room


Dining room