Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whoa it's been awhile....

Mckenzie loves puzzles, this one was 100 pieces and took her a couple hours but she succeeded all on her own!

My new glasses, don't wear them much but I like them, they feel a bit strange though..


My goodness it's been awhile! What can I say, when you're teaching high school kids, blogging doesn't always get done on a regular basis! Fortunately for me, I have been out of school for a month and loving my summer vacation! Funny, last summer I went crazy with boredom and felt like I lost my identity being out of teaching for so long, this summer though I have absolutely no problem reveling in self projects and just relaxing! Family is good, McKenzie is 6 now and very into a lot of things. She can tie her own shoes, whistle, and she draws so well. We just got her hair cut drastically for the first time last week, she only ever had a small trim before. She has it layered and to her mid back now, it's very cute. Today we redid our spare bedroom to be our game, movie, reading, excercise room! I'm hoping to get an excercise bike for my birthday next week, I'm going to be 27 which is really scary!! And I've been doing our Wii Fit everyday and have lost 3 lbs which is great! Other than that not much is going on, we are hoping to get out of town next month for a couple days. Oh and we all had our eyes checked, McKenzie and I have 20/20 vision but I have a slight problem seeing things perfectly clearly at a great distance, lol, so I am to wear mine during driving and when needed. Paul is blind as a bat though but he got really good glasses. I post most stuff on Facebook now so if I don't have you as a friend, add me!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From my little Angel

Dear Santa,

I am McKenzie and I love you. I have been really good I think. I sleep in my bed all night and I help my mama cook. If you don’t be good, you get rocks…and I don’t want rocks.

Please bring me a zombie doll, play food you can cut, and a Rapunzel dolly with a castle. I saw them in my mama’s computer…so if you have a computer you can look for them there. Mommy and Daddy aren’t getting anything for Christmas. They don’t play with toys, just me.

I live a little bit far away in a brown house on a road. This year we might get on an airplane. Please call my mama on her cell phone and ask her if we are going, because I don’t know. Her phone number is 892-6541-23565.

I saw you at the mall shopping with your wife. I am going to see you there soon at your house at the mall. I love you Santa!


McKenzie FitzSimon

-Kenzie's Letter to Santa, written by her teacher and dictated by herself. And yes, all of this is very true (Including seeing Santa shopping wiht his wife!) I'm still crying, I love this little girl!

Friday, September 17, 2010

When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces that went skipping about,that was the beginning of fairies.

We have been way busy lately with school. Classes are all going well and that is pretty much all we have to report! I can't believe sometimes that I get paid to draw with a bunch of kids all day! Anywho, we got Kenzie this photo shoot last weekend at the mall. It was pretty cute, I have to admit I am dissappointed with some of the pictures and especially the lighting, but I am tweaking them in photoshop so they aren't so bad. These are unaltered, but still pretty darn cute. Enjoy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Andrew and Alexis Trailer

just a little treat for you. This is a trailer for Andrew and Alexis's wedding video being made soon. It's pretty cute, and it has McKenzie in it so of course it's REALLY cute! Sorry I've been gone awhile, school starts on Monday and I'm losing my head a little! Pictures and updates to come.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, 4th of July, and Weeds!

I was able to spend my birthday with my family for the first time in 9 years so it was pretty fun. I'm 26 now, pretty scary, I'm almost to the last 20s, AHHHHH!!! We got to go look for agates on the beach and found several, and we had a fantastic strawberry cheesecake that my sister Jessica made for me.

We helped my mom weed the garden the day before we flew home and Kenzie just loved it.

For the 4th of July we had a great barbeque and got to see Fireworks on the river. McKenzie loved Jessica's bird Louie and thought it was so cool when he was on her head!

When we got home on Wednesday night I had this beautiful room divider in my entryway from Paul's parents. (A room separating apparatus from colonial times, for those of you who watch Friends, ha ha!!)

My parents bought me this gorgeous Renaissance dress for me to run around and act like a dork in at this year's Texas Renaissance Festival in the Fall. I also got to go buy lots of natural stone jewelry at this awesome bead store we found off of the highway near North Bend, OR.

This is where we looked for agates, it was lots of fun!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Painting the roses red, yes, painting the roses red!!

Last weekend after Andrew's wedding we went to the Portland Zoo (Pictures coming later!) and the Rose Garden which is a huge garden with roses that have been planted since the early 1900s. It is really pretty and we had a lot of fun. We got to run around with our family and Andrew's friend Brandon who lived across the street from us growing up.

A loaf of bread and butter too is what we truly need, a pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, of cabbages and kings!!

We went Friday for a drive up the coast to Florence and it was a lot of fun. We found a little shop on the side of the road that has all these natural stones, beads, and charms for necklaces. I went back today for a second trip cause it was so much fun!! We got to go to the beach and get our feet wet (It was very cold!) and Kenzie tried to make a castle. We then went to eat at a cute little restuarant on the docks and look at all the boats.