Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are Freezing!

We are completely and totally freezing here! It was -27 this morning when I went to class, I almost didn't go because who on earth leaves their house when its that cold? But I made it, even though Rexburg refuses to clear the roads unless there is a foot or more of snow. Then after class we had to venture out again due to our lack of milk in the house, it was not nice! Anywho, we are super lonely, Paul still isn't back yet and we don't know when he is coming. School is going well though, and I'm pretty sure I have applied for about 50 jobs so far, so we will see what happens! I'm surviving my math class, identifying igneous rocks, learning about the government and biology, and making animal masks for a play so life is fun at school. Thats pretty much it for our boring lives right now, here is some more cuteness for you...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What we've been up to.

It's been an exhausting week. School is fun, but it is wearing me out, and there is never any parking! We found out that Paul is actually coming home next week. For those that don't know, he is being medically released from the army for arthritis in his knee and asthma. We all weren't too happy at first and really stressed about the whole situation, but both Paul and I feel that it will all work out and so we are both applying for jobs like crazy right now for when I graduate and will move wherever they are. So we hope this will all work out ok. Mckenzie has been having fun with her British nanny. Here is some cuteness for your enjoyment.
I love this picture. She loves juice boxes and the little headband she is wearing she just loves, and calls it her "princess" band.
Bagels and cream cheese are her new favorite thing.

This is the day Paul left, she grabbed a picture of him and carried it around with her.

Mckenzie after she ate a blue cupcake, she thought she was so cute...she was right.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I got to go to a really cool workshop today. Last semester I learned about this ancient Japanese puppet theatre called Bunraku. They have these gorgeous puppets that blink their eyes, move their fingers and look so realistic, and they are operated by 3 master puppeteers on each one. They put on classic Japanese tales and they are so cool! Well today instead of having my Children's Theatre class, this troupe came in from the University of Missouri who sends students to Japan to be trained on the puppets and they tour the country doing shows. So we got to learn about them and play with them, it was sooo neat! I so badly want to make one! I didn't take my camera, unfortunately, so I found some pictures online to show everyone what they look like. Seriously cool!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yes it has been a while since I wrote a post but we have been quite busy. Starting on Sunday we all three began crying for two days off and on, until finally we got to Tuesday and we were all pretty calm...said goodbye to Paul around 4pm and put him on the bus to Salt Lake, and then Kenzie started to cry which set me off crying....and then we got to talk to Paul on our cell phones when he was on the way down to his hotel and we all cried off and on, and then today he had his last examination, did fine, and got put on the plane to Oklahoma, and then once he got there he got put on another bus to the Fort and called me and we cried some more (Hey, he has never been gone this long, leave me alone!) but he is doing fine and is at his basic training now for 10 weeks. We get to talk to him just on Sundays but it will be nice once he graduates and goes to his Job training because then we get to talk to him every night. I started class today for my last semester, WHOO HOO! They are all going really well and I am way excited. Even my icky math class shouldn't be too bad. My only "fun" class is a children's theatre class and my professor is paying me to design his sets, make masks for the play, and do lighting and sound so that is really fun. After the play is rehearsed, we bring in all the local schools to come watch us perform so it should be really exciting. Mckenzie is doing better, she is still confused about where daddy is but she has her own British Nanny ( My old roomate who is my best friend and she is from Liverpool) and she just loves her to death! Today they watched Finding Nemo, played blocks, and had a tea party. And in just 15 short weeks I will be all graduated and packing our little house up to move wherever the army sends us. Please keep us all in your prayers since we are all a little shaky still and nervous, but things seem to be going well and we know this is the right thing for us. Pictures to come, I just haven't had time to take any.