Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, 4th of July, and Weeds!

I was able to spend my birthday with my family for the first time in 9 years so it was pretty fun. I'm 26 now, pretty scary, I'm almost to the last 20s, AHHHHH!!! We got to go look for agates on the beach and found several, and we had a fantastic strawberry cheesecake that my sister Jessica made for me.

We helped my mom weed the garden the day before we flew home and Kenzie just loved it.

For the 4th of July we had a great barbeque and got to see Fireworks on the river. McKenzie loved Jessica's bird Louie and thought it was so cool when he was on her head!

When we got home on Wednesday night I had this beautiful room divider in my entryway from Paul's parents. (A room separating apparatus from colonial times, for those of you who watch Friends, ha ha!!)

My parents bought me this gorgeous Renaissance dress for me to run around and act like a dork in at this year's Texas Renaissance Festival in the Fall. I also got to go buy lots of natural stone jewelry at this awesome bead store we found off of the highway near North Bend, OR.

This is where we looked for agates, it was lots of fun!

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The Mathesons said...

Good heck, Kenzie just keeps looking older and bigger every time we see pictures! What a pretty little girl. :) Love the dress too!