Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From my little Angel

Dear Santa,

I am McKenzie and I love you. I have been really good I think. I sleep in my bed all night and I help my mama cook. If you don’t be good, you get rocks…and I don’t want rocks.

Please bring me a zombie doll, play food you can cut, and a Rapunzel dolly with a castle. I saw them in my mama’s computer…so if you have a computer you can look for them there. Mommy and Daddy aren’t getting anything for Christmas. They don’t play with toys, just me.

I live a little bit far away in a brown house on a road. This year we might get on an airplane. Please call my mama on her cell phone and ask her if we are going, because I don’t know. Her phone number is 892-6541-23565.

I saw you at the mall shopping with your wife. I am going to see you there soon at your house at the mall. I love you Santa!


McKenzie FitzSimon

-Kenzie's Letter to Santa, written by her teacher and dictated by herself. And yes, all of this is very true (Including seeing Santa shopping wiht his wife!) I'm still crying, I love this little girl!


The Mathesons said...

Awww, sweet!

Nathan & Rachael said...

She is sooo sweet!! What a princess you have. We love Kenz too!! Hope you are having a warm Christmas season :)