Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whoa it's been awhile....

Mckenzie loves puzzles, this one was 100 pieces and took her a couple hours but she succeeded all on her own!

My new glasses, don't wear them much but I like them, they feel a bit strange though..


My goodness it's been awhile! What can I say, when you're teaching high school kids, blogging doesn't always get done on a regular basis! Fortunately for me, I have been out of school for a month and loving my summer vacation! Funny, last summer I went crazy with boredom and felt like I lost my identity being out of teaching for so long, this summer though I have absolutely no problem reveling in self projects and just relaxing! Family is good, McKenzie is 6 now and very into a lot of things. She can tie her own shoes, whistle, and she draws so well. We just got her hair cut drastically for the first time last week, she only ever had a small trim before. She has it layered and to her mid back now, it's very cute. Today we redid our spare bedroom to be our game, movie, reading, excercise room! I'm hoping to get an excercise bike for my birthday next week, I'm going to be 27 which is really scary!! And I've been doing our Wii Fit everyday and have lost 3 lbs which is great! Other than that not much is going on, we are hoping to get out of town next month for a couple days. Oh and we all had our eyes checked, McKenzie and I have 20/20 vision but I have a slight problem seeing things perfectly clearly at a great distance, lol, so I am to wear mine during driving and when needed. Paul is blind as a bat though but he got really good glasses. I post most stuff on Facebook now so if I don't have you as a friend, add me!

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